The Heritage Library is an essential resource that provides Heritage professionals and the public with access to a wide range of specialist heritage materials. It offers a wealth of information for anyone working in the conservation field or interested in heritage issues.

The major collection of over 13,000 items includes conservation management plans (CMP), archaeological report, heritage studies, thematic studies, Australian and NSW histories, heritage monographs and journals.

The Heritage Library Catalogue.external link

The Heritage Library is a non-lending library. When possible we may provide electronic copy. 

  • For all enquiries allow a response time of 7 - 10 business days. 

Accessing materials

The Heritage Library is a non-lending library.

To access materials from the Heritage Library, email the below information to

  • Title and author
  • Publication date
  • Call number

For large requests we recommend you schedule an appointment to visit the Library.

To visit the library, please request an appointment in advance by sending an email to or call the library on (02) 9873 8591

Open (by appointment): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday excluding NSW public holidays.


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